So You Want to Start a Business

start a businessI love the way that Michael Gerber talks about people who want to start a business having an entrepreneurial seizure. A few years ago I was at a seminar when he said something like: “people are working for someone and they think: ‘any old idiot can do this’. And then they go and work for one… themselves.”

No matter what anyone tells you, the decision to quit your day job and start your own business is NOT the key to instant riches. But I can guarantee you, it will be the key to many challenges.

I can’t remember who said; “If everything is running smoothly, beware, because your next crisis is just around the corner.

Here are some of the things to think about if you are considering starting your own business.

  • When you run your own business you do not have a guaranteed check coming in every pay-day like you do as an employee.
  • You will have to work long hours.
  • There could be times when money is so tight you will not be able to sleep.
  • As your business grows, you will need to take on people to help you. That begins a whole new set of challenges as you have to manage people who do not care about the business as much as you do.
  • There will be demands from your customers or clients that you think are unreasonable (and probably are) but you have to manage these issues.

Michel Gerber also says that knowing how to do the work of a business has nothing to do with creating a business that works.

I agree with him.

Most small business owners don’t actually own a business. They own a job. If you want to start a business, you need to focus on the running of the business, and not be totally consumed with the doing the work of the business.

For a start, you won’t have any work if you don’t do the marketing and sales that need to be done in advance to keep the orders coming in.

Gerber says you need to be looking at your systems. Look at all the processes needed in your business and develop systems that can be followed by anybody.

Many people talk about the systems manual but very few people actually use it, even if they have one. But it is a great tool on the road to success.

If you would like to find out more, I suggest you read Gerber’s book, ‘The E-Myth’. Here is a link for the book and the video below will also give you insights that are invaluable.


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Dave Fowler